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Sports injuries and performance enhancement


SA Rudd Certified AK practitioner & Doctor of Chiropractic & Sophie Rudd, personal trainer

Sports injuries and performance enhancement.

George Goodheart introduced muscle testing to the chiropractic profession from the 1960’s.  In the early 1980’s a member of the American olympic ski team was unable to compete due to injury and no one seemed to be able to resolve his leg problem. Goodheart was allowed to examine and treat him finding a weak muscle which responded promptly to his care. He was rewarded by becoming the first chiropractor to attend to athletes at an olympic games. In my opinion many injuries stem from weak muscles which we may not be aware of but are apparent on testing using standard muscle tests. We aim to treat weaknesses using both physical and nutritional techniques plus rehabilitation in our own supervised gym. Our sports clients include former veteran UK golf and tennis champions, olympic medal winning sailors, and one former motor bike and formula one world champion plus a multitude of weekend warriors!  Steve and Sophie Rudd have both competed in running and obstacle course races. Steve lately completed the London Marathon in 2018 (raising £3000 for the NSPCC) so knows what it is like to follow a long training programs for endurance events.