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Betty Rudd

Dr. Betty Rudd is an author, games inventor, retired psychologist and specialist teacher in speech and drama.

She currently offers relaxation sessions in Haywards Heath and Nutley. These aim to help people learn to deal with stress through relaxation and visualisation.


Betty worked as Director of Studies at Regent’s University London, overseeing the theses of doctoral candidates. She also worked for the British Psychological Society as a Co-ordinating Supervisor and Director of Studies. She was also a chief doctoral examiner for several British Universities.

During the 1980s, she embarked on her psychological studies and was one of the first practitioners in UK to work in a modern integrative healthcare centre, where she is currently a Co-director.

In the 1990s, the publication of her interactive games for mental wellness and non-fiction books began.

Betty won the ERA award for Best Educational Book of the Year 2013-14 for ‘Special Games’.

In 2015 she published 6 books on various aspects of anxiety disorder.


During the 1960s, Betty Rudd graduated from the full time performer’s acting course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She then worked in theatre, film, radio, and television. In 1969, she was offered a contract to act with the Royal Shakespeare company.

During the 1970s Betty gained her Specialist Teaching Diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and has since been tutoring people for their examinations in speech and drama.

Two of Betty’s loves are dramatic and therapeutic work. A third is supporting others to put their vision of writing a book into action. She facilitates a Writing Workshop held annually in Cyprus and Brighton.

Personal life

Betty has four children and four grandchildren. She is married to Steven Rudd, a chiropractor and naturopath. Their daughter Sophie is the Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Therapist at Freedom Healthcare. Betty’s hobbies include swimming, dinner parties and travelling. See her games and books in “the shop”.

The biography of Betty Rudd, Ph.D. is in ‘Who’s Who in the World’, ‘… for her outstanding achievement in her field of endeavour and thereby the betterment of Society’.

Dr. Betty Rudd

Dr. Betty Rudd