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Welcome to Freedom Healthcare where we aim to achieve three things for you:

1. Pain relief

2. Proper posture

3. Prevention

In the pain relief stage we focus our attention on whatever it takes to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. How long this takes depends on how long you have had at the problem and your general health and perhaps your age. On average WHICH magazine say people see a Chiropractor or osteopath  10 times for the relief of back pain. In addition to physical treatment we may recommend nutritional supplements to help reduce pain, ease muscle tension and strengthen joints.

In the second postural stage we ensure that all your muscles work well and are co-ordinated checking all the reasons they might under perform and bring out the best in them. Later in this stage when you are pain free we ask you to undertake a course of remedial exercise in our gym or your own if you prefer. This is spread over 2-12 months.

In stage three the pain is gone, posture is good, fitness and energy levels are massively improved and you can really look forward to performing physically at your very best. We don’t all want to compete in an open competition but we do all want to feel and look our best and avoid pain. An occasional preventative treatment to maintain progress is required at this time every 1-6 months. For competitive athletes this stage reduces the likelihood of further injury.

Over all we aim to give you the freedom to do what matters

We welcome clients of all ages and abilities to our Chiropractic clinics in Haywards Heath and Nutley near Uckfield. Our clients come from across the South East, London, Brighton and beyond.

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