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Sophie Rudd

Personal Trainer

Sophie is a Level 4 certified BACPR Cardiac Rehab exercise instructor; she runs group rehab classes in Horsham, Uckfield and Haywards Heath and works on a one to one basis the rest of the time at her gym in Haywards Heath. 

Sophie holds the Active IQ level 3 certificate in Personal training, Level 3 VTCT certificate for antenatal and Postnatal Clients, and an Active 1Q level 2 certificate fitness in instructing gym studio cycling workshop, circuit workshop, gym based boxing workshops and sports nutrition. In 2014 she completed further training in nutrition and now holds a certificate in Nutritional Therapy. 

Sophie provides one to one training in her private studio gym, for clients seeking individualized programmes designed specifically for them to reach short, medium and long-term goals. This is especially useful for Chiropractic patients during their rehabilitation phase, after the initial problems have been treated successfully there is a need to strengthen the muscles to reduce the likeliehood of the the problem  recurring. 

She also runs boxercise and circuit classes weekly, which are both great ways to burn fat whilst having lots of fun. 

She runs a Summer Bootcamp in Victoria Park, Haywards Heath putting lots of people through their paces at all ends of the fitness spectrum. 

Some of Sophie’s key skills are:
Rehab exercises to strengthen core muscles during chiropractic treatment Cardiac Specialist Exercise programming and rehabilitation
One to one training and group exercise sessions
Health promotion and trained in first aid 

Sophie is very passionate about fitness, health and overall well being, she loves working with all different kinds of people coaching them to achieve their goals improve their lifestyles and giving back to the community through charity events, such as the British Heart Foundation. She has also shared a great interest in Pole fitness and has been teaching it for over 5 years as a qualified instructor.