Simply Healthy – Downloadable pdf


This simply written book took me 20 years to complete. 3 months lockdown due to COVID 19 gave me the time to pull it together. It is based on what people have asked me about and the solutions we found over the last 36 years.

I believe your health is in your hands, perhaps more so than you believe. I see health as a continuum with poor health to the left, and excellent health and resilience to the right. A healthy lifestyle and natural medicine can help a lot with the grey area in the middle where you do not have a diagnosable disease but know that you are not as good as you once were or would like to be.

Using exercise, diet and positive psychology, the body and mind move together in a healthy direction. This gives health benefits that you appreciate quickly but are especially noticeable as you get older. The majority of older people suffer with disability and rely on medical care. By boosting your health now you can prolong your health-span, staying well into advanced years. You can have more energy to play with grandchildren, to go for long walks, to compete in sports, study something new or just to be.

The first eight pages of the book including the table of contents can ve viewed below.