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Try these pain relief tips:

Ice pack: Apply wrapped in a thin towel over the painful area for 10-15 minutes hourly. Always apply ice if you get an acute pain in the future while lying in a comfortable position. Do not use heat.

Sleeping position: Put a pillow under or between the knees to reduce back strain. Do not lie face down, it strains the neck. Lay on the pain-free side if possible.

Gentle exercise: Do not push through pain. Most back pain is from ligament or disc related problems; neither benefit from muscular exercise so be gentle but keep mobile to prevent stiffness. In the first month of treatment swimming is the best exercise if you can swim the crawl or backstroke, followed closely by walking. Add supervised gym sessions and careful exercise classes e.g. Pilates, only once you are out of pain. The clinic offers 1:1 exercise advice when appropriate.
AVOID: Lifting, soft chairs, driving, standing or sitting still for long periods, lengthy shopping, stooping.

Chiropractic Belt: A sacro-iliac belt may be useful for pelvic sprain.

Diet: Water : Muscles are 80% water, muscle pains or cramp are often caused by dehydration. Drink 1 litre per 24kilos/ 5 stone of body weight daily.
AVOID: Caffeine as it causes dehydration and excites nerves/ opposite of a painkiller.
AVOID: Sugars and refined carbohydrates as they excite the adrenal glands relaxing the ligaments and tensing the muscles causing pain! There are several muscle relaxing and pain reducing nutritional supplements which we can recommend during a consultation.

Relaxation: Relax daily for 15 minutes, take time for yourself. The best time may be after lunch. Not sure how? Attend one of our regular relaxation classes. Do something that makes you happy; laughter helps healing! Almost anything that makes us feel good boosts endorphins/ pain relieving happy hormones in the body so give yourself a treat.