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State-of-the-Art Custom-Made Orthotics since 1995. We have over 1000 pairs we have made in use today.

Orthotics improve your posture, reduce back strain and enhance stability. In my experience they are sometimes the missing link in curing chronic hip, knee, foot and back problems.

The Orthofeet BIOTHOTIC molds instantly inside your shoe to create a custom made functional orthotic. It comes pre-cut to shoe sizes and comprises a special foaming resin, encapsulated between the bottom shell and top cover. The molding process is fast and simple.


  • On site, instant process.
  • Can be easily fine tuned providing excellent comfort.
  • Low cost just €70 or £59 per kit plus consultation 
  • 100% guaranteed for function
 and durability.
  • All ages can benefit.

Step 1. Water is injected into the insole to activate the molding foam in the orthotic.

Step 2. The foot is aligned in a neutral position as the foam expands. You then walk on the orthotic to mold it to your optimum arch shape, which you have when walking.


Step 3. Extra sections can be added to the orthotic to fine tune your requirements.

Photos show before, and after with orthotic in place.

image039  image041