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Hair mineral tissue analysis HMTA

Sample Report for S Rudd

HMTA is officially experimental as regards the implications of hair minerals regarding health. Steven Rudd has used the technique in his Naturopathic practice since 1995. Here is a link to references supporting it’s clinical usage with the latest research:

It was with HMTA that Napoleon was confirmed to have been poisoned after testing a lock of his hair he had given a lover 200 years ago. Forensic specialists use hair to check for poisons. Nutritional implications require expert analysis. We use www.mineral which has performed over a million tests and provides on average an 8 page report from a hair sample including detailed dietary and supplementary suggestions with each report. Lab fee through us is £59 saving £10 plus a consultation fee. Sample front page of a report is given below. Whole blood analysis can achieve similar results if one prefers it.

If you would like to read a full sample report please click here.