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Practitioner Steven A Rudd Doctor of Chiropractic & Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors



Specialising in treating disorders of the spine, joints, musculoskeletal problems, and their affects upon the nervous system. Back Pain, both acute and chronic may benefit using low force manipulation on specially designed tables. Certain types of neck pain, sports injuries, other joint conditions, arthritic conditions, postural problems and whiplash related and repetitive strain injuries are sometimes helped by Chiropractic manipulative treatment too. Doctors of Chiropractic are also trained in radiology and are qualified to use x-ray to assist in diagnosis. Freedom Healthcare clinics use the Nuffield or Horder centre facilities in Sussex and consultant radiologists to assist us where needed with X-ray or MRI studies, results are e-mailed to us the same day.

Chiropractic was founded in 1895 and the first patient was cured of deafness! I became a chiropractor after being helped with asthma, (this benefit is not seen in every case treated with chiropratic but it certainly helped me). See my article Why I became a chiropractor.

Training today in the UK is a 5 year BSc.MSc course similar in length and subject matter to medicine or dentistry. Some chiropractic institutions have offered a short part time course, their graduates cannot join the British Chiropractic Association but they can join the state register.

Choosing a Chiropractor in the UK — there are several types of Chiropractic from which you can choose:

All UK chiropractors must be state registered with the GCC, General Chiropractic Council, you can check if your Chiropractor is registered by clicking here to access the register: There are four main associations the oldest and largest is the British Chiropractic Association founded in 1925. BCA members tend to represent the mainstream of the profession and will offer you privacy during timed appointments with gowns offered if needed. They will not treat you in an open plan office along with other patients or spend only a few minutes with you per treatment. They will tend to agree with WHICH magazine which found that most people require about 11 treatments for the relief of low back pain, less if you are young and fit, more perhaps if you are older, have had the problem for a long time (years rather than weeks)  or if you have several problems to be dealt with. If they offer a discount pre-payment scheme they will refund you any overpayment on request. We recommend you see only BCA members and will be pleased to refer you to your local BCA Chiropractor if you are too distant to consult us in Sussex. Experience might be another factor to look for in your Chiropractor, Steven Rudd has been in full time practice for over 30 years. Also you can evaluate a chiropractors post graduate education, the Royal College of Chiropractors is the post graduate association which monitors Chiropractors post graduate education and awards members for high achievement. The highest level is Fellowship achieved by Steven Rudd in 2004 indicated by FRCC after his name. Do look in yellow pages to see how few Fellows there are in the south east.