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Naturopathy (& Nutrition)




Naturopathy beleives that the body is self healing providing there are no obstructions preventing this. Naturopaths look for underlying causes for your symptoms including physical, mental and biochemical causes. The main treatments are naturopathic nutrition and diet, hydrotherapy, relaxation and stress reduction techniques, gentle manipulation or mobilisation including cranio-sacral methods, to enhance the body’s healing power.

Training for Naturopaths is usually over 4 years wiith subject matter similar to medical doctors or chiropractors. In parts of the USA Naturopathic medicine has primary health care status (like ordinary medicine), in Germany there are 16,000 Heilpraktikers /Naturopaths. In the UK there are but a few hundred. Steven Rudd is one of a handful of Naturopaths who are also qualified Chiropractors.

Naturopaths use laboratory tests, applied kinesiology, questionnaires, biomechanical tests and food sensitivity testing to discover why you are ill and how to help you.

Practitioners SA Rudd ND MRN DC FRCC (Steve is also a Chiropractor)

Conditions for which a Naturopathic treatment protocol exists: As advertising standards do not like the listing of health conditons on-line please take  a look at the life extension website which goes into detail about the nutritional and where appropriate medical treatment of a wide range of condtions as naturally as possible, it is over 1500 pages with thousands of references:

NB Our philosophical approach in natural medicine is to treat people not diseases!  We aim to enhance your own natural healing ability and believe that by so doing you are more able to help yourself.  People with serious conditions are treated in conjunction with or under supervision of medical specialists. Some people we prefer to refer on to specialists within our own profession.

See please look up any conditons you are interested in on  the Life Extension website here: and then we can discuss them with you; alternatively we recommend the  book  ‘The Encyclopedia of Natural Healthcare’ by Murray & Pizzorno for references and detailed protocols on most common health problems and how to promote health (kindle and paperback) – see

Temperature Chart for assessing thyroid function and metabolic rate

Take your axillary (armpit) temperature every morning before getting out of bed (or doing ANYTHING that could alter your temperature) for 28 days (10 days for men). Record the temperature on this chart every day. This will give you an accurate indication of how your thyroid is functioning over an appropriate period. Your thyroid is your body’s thermostat and controls the rate at which you burn your food and other substances. Please click here to download a chart to fill in.

Diet Diary – this is a really useful Naturopathic tool!

Include everything you eat and drink with approximate quantities, copy this page headers and fill in your diary for us to review. Also makes you conscious about what you are eating which is helpful. Keep this up for a week and note any symptoms you have daily e.g pain or inflammation or fatigue and maybe we will see a pattern associated with your diet. You might find an app like ‘myfitnesspal’ on a smart phone is useful to track your food choices too. You can download the daily record for diet diary here.