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Children’s Clinic

Children's clinic

children's clinic

‘An ounce of prevention’. Many many adult problems stem from birth trauma, early knocks and falls. Also see Cranial Chiropractic article.

We recommend children are checked for

  • possible birth trauma as soon as possible after their birth, where possible mums should be checked and treated monthly during pregnancy to minimise mother and baby trauma
  • Flat feet – pronation, Can be detected from 4 years of age and is best treated while still growing ideally between the ages of 4 and 12, later on correction takes longer, possible arch supports, see orthotics article
  • Neural-organisation i.e. excellence in left-right co-ordination (leg to arm and balance, sight and hearing integration) which is critical for physical and mental co-ordination
  • Scoliosis/ spinal curvature; An annual check to prevent deformity, only 2% of people with scoliosis have it at birth the rest develop during growth. Scoliosis has been linked to a copper excess which can be detected through hair mineral testing
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or learning difficulties. We have several protocols for reducing these problems based on Applied Kinesiology (AK), cranio-sacral therapy, cranial osteopathy and neural organisation technique (NOT).
  • Dental /cranial development We offer assistance to you and your dentist with orthodontics or orthopaedic dentistry – at whatever age.  Our experience is that this makes the whole dental process work more comfortably and easily. Orthopaedic dentistry aims to move the cranium as well as the teeth, with braces. We can be especially helpful in these cases.